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We use professional, industry-leading products and offer a wide variety of marine maintenance services such as:


-- Gel coat restoration through sanding, compounding and/or polishing (based on surface condition)

-- Wax or polymer-sealant application

-- Gtechniq Marine Ceramic Coating (primarily for boats not older than 3 years)

-- Metal polishing

-- Sticker/ghosting removal

-- Teak cleaning and rejuvenation

-- Interior detailing

-- Scuff removal

-- Vinyl seat cleaning and protection

-- Mildew removal/heated carpet extraction

-- Isinglass/Strata cleaning

-- Boat trailer detailing

We recommend completing regular boat maintenance during late Fall and Winter months (if possible) to ensure your vessel is ready to drop as soon as the weather turns next Spring. Putting these investments away dirty can actually continue to cause damage, resulting in more time-consuming and costly correction processes.


Water spots continue etching the longer they sit and should be regularly removed and protected against with a wax, sealant or Gtechniq Marine ceramic coating. Interior surfaces should be stripped of body oils/lotions and rejuvenated annually. Our spring schedule fills quickly, so we highly encourage planning ahead. You'll thank yourself later!

Boats are typically quoted based on individual needs.

Summer On-Water Maintenance Washes

Between Memorial Day and Labor Day, we service boaters at Northwest Marine Yacht Club by performing weekly exterior washes to remove bugs, pollen and environmental fallout (a.k.a. bird poop!). These contaminants can damage the surfaces of your boat if left on for many weeks at a time, making them more costly to correct.. Our portable water de-ionizer ensures spot free rinsing during each wash, minimizing water spotting throughout the season.


Our schedule is limited to 7 Friday time slots is based on seniority (unless prior arrangements are made for special circumstances). Single/special request cleanings can be worked into our schedule as well when possible.

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